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Non-stop High Speed ProductionA unique system that...Read More

Non-stop High Speed Production

A unique system that is achieved by reliable and durable print heads. 

“UFTB” and “IEMS” deliver high productivity for every print environment.

The TASKalfa Pro non-stop production system enables 150ppm(A4) 

and ensures the reliability your customer demands.

Reliable and Durable print head

UFTB stands for Ultra Fine Trident Bar.

Our print head is the widest in the inkjet PP industry. 

The Ultra Fine Trident Bar is the assembly of three print heads.

Remarkable inkjet technologies

IEMS stands for Ink Ejection Maintenance System.

IEMS is the combination of three functions: Cleaning liquid system, 

Wiping system and Capping system to maintain the condition of the print heads.

The print head optimisation is maintained with a combination of cleaning liquid 

and the wiping blade to achieve optimal print quality.

The print head is cleaned by the wiping blade and air bubbles are removed 

to prevent the nozzles from clogging.

Print head caps prevent ink from drying. The print head condition is maintained 

with a capping system to prevent nozzle clogging.

Design For Easy Maintenance

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c high-speed continuous feed technology 

and full front access maximizes productivity by letting you replace 

key components and consumables.

High-speed continuous feed technology

Transport path layout design for reliable feeding of media.

Guide mechanism to prevent paper smearing due to ink, and transport roller system.

CIS (Contact Image Sensor) and skew detection sensors ensure accurate paper 

transportation and registration.

Paper processing indicator, guides misfeeds to a purge tray to improve reliability and ease of use.

Full front access

Full front access to all key system components ensures quick and 

easy maintenance and minimum downtime. All consumables are user 

replaceable from the front of the machine.

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